The SAT class, redefined.


Best-Fit Test Preparation

I am passionate about finding the right approach to test preparation for each student and each family. For many, private tutoring is the best fit, and I've helped students generate amazing results working one-on-one. Other students are attracted to the peer support and fun atmosphere of a group setting, which is also a more economical option for many families.


A Customized Experience

I've distilled years of tutoring experience into a condensed, individualized group SAT course unlike any other. Over the course of five 1.5-hour lessons and three full-length proctored practice tests, our group of students will learn key test-taking skills and core content. Each student will also complete individualized drills and assignments targeted at the specific areas in which they show most room for improvement.


Less Time, Less Money, More Results

This streamlined SAT prep course has been crafted to make big score improvements possible at a fraction of the cost of one-on-one preparation. Students who keep up with the demands of this condensed class can expect to see major gains in fewer lessons than would be required by other group SAT prep programs.


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